1: Discover the most valuable American nickels in circulation. From the Shield nickel to the Buffalo nickel, learn about their worth today.

2: The 1913 Liberty Head nickel is one of the rarest in American history. A 1913 V nickel sold for over $4 million in 2013.

3: The Buffalo nickel was minted from 1913 to 1938. Look out for the 1937-D 3 legged Buffalo nickel, prized by collectors.

4: The Silver Jefferson nickel was minted during WWII due to the shortage of nickel. Check your coins for the scarce 1942-P "War Nickel."

5: The 1943-S Jefferson nickel is a rare variation that was struck in steel due to the war effort. Could you have one in your collection?

6: The 1945-P Jefferson nickel with a doubled die obverse is a valuable error coin. Look for doubling on the 1945 year date.

7: The 1950-D Jefferson nickel is worth collecting for its low mintage of only 2.63 million. It's a key date in the series.

8: The 1955 doubled die Jefferson nickel is a popular error coin with clear doubling on the obverse. Look for the 1955-P variety.

9: The 2014-P Jefferson nickel has a popular error known as the Speared Bison. Check your coins for a die gouge through the bison's shoulder.