1: "Enjoy family movie nights with quick Mediterranean diet snacks."

2: "15Minute Marvel: Hummus with veggies for a healthy snack option."

3: "15Minute Marvel: Homemade tzatziki with pita chips for a flavorful treat."

4: "15Minute Marvel: Greek yogurt with honey and nuts for a protein-packed snack."

5: "15Minute Marvel: Olives and cheese plate for a simple yet satisfying snack."

6: "15Minute Marvel: Cucumber and feta bites for a refreshing Mediterranean snack."

7: "15Minute Marvel: Stuffed grape leaves for a unique and tasty movie night snack."

8: "15Minute Marvel: Roasted chickpeas with Mediterranean spices for a crunchy snack."

9: "15Minute Marvel: Artichoke and roasted red pepper dip for a gourmet movie night snack."