1: 1. Myth: Low-fat is best. Fact: Healthy fats are essential. 2. Omelette with spinach and feta. 3. Grab-and-go yogurt parfait.

2: 1. Myth: Carbs are the enemy. Fact: Choose whole grains. 2. Mediterranean smoothie bowl. 3. Avocado toast with tomato and basil.

3: 1. Myth: Skipping breakfast is okay. Fact: Fuel your day. 2. Chia seed pudding with berries. 3. Peanut butter and banana wrap.

4: 1. Myth: Breakfast has to be complicated. Fact: Keep it simple. 2. Greek yogurt with honey and nuts. 3. Breakfast burrito with veggies.

5: 1. Myth: Coffee is all you need. Fact: Include protein. 2. Protein-packed breakfast muffins. 3. Overnight oats with almond butter.

6: 1. Myth: Breakfast is only for kids. Fact: Moms need it too. 2. Egg and veggie frittata cups. 3. Granola bar with dried fruit.

7: 1. Myth: Breakfast is time-consuming. Fact: Prep ahead. 2. Quinoa breakfast bowl with fruit. 3. Mini egg muffins with cheese.

8: 1. Myth: Breakfast should be sweet. Fact: Savory options. 2. Shakshuka with chickpeas. 3. Breakfast quesadilla with avocado.

9: 1. Myth: It’s okay to skip breakfast. Fact: Nourish your body. 2. Green smoothie with protein powder. 3. Breakfast wrap with scrambled eggs.