1: Start your day with these 5-minute Mediterranean diet breakfasts that will keep your kids energized all morning!

2: Try easy recipes like Greek yogurt with honey and fruit or homemade hummus and veggies for a nutritious start.

3: Whip up a quick Greek omelette with feta cheese and olives, or make a simple avocado toast with whole grain bread.

4: Introduce kids to new flavors with Mediterranean-inspired dishes like quinoa Greek salad or a turkey and spinach wrap.

5: Keep breakfast exciting with options like banana nut smoothies or whole grain pancakes topped with fresh berries.

6: For a portable option, make mini Mediterranean muffins with olives and sun-dried tomatoes for a savory treat.

7: Get creative with breakfast pizzas using whole wheat pitas, hummus, and veggies for a quick and healthy meal.

8: Include lean proteins like Greek yogurt, eggs, or lean turkey sausage to help kids stay full and focused throughout the day.

9: With these 5-minute Mediterranean diet breakfast ideas, you can provide your kids with a nutritious start to their day that will keep them energized and ready to take on whatever comes their way!