1: Start your child's day with Greek yogurt topped with berries for a protein-packed breakfast option.

2: Whip up a quick avocado toast with cherry tomatoes for a healthy and filling lunchbox idea.

3: Kids will love a Mediterranean-inspired smoothie bowl topped with nuts and seeds for added crunch.

4: Prepare mini egg muffins with feta cheese and spinach for a savory breakfast that's perfect for on-the-go.

5: Make a simple caprese salad wrap using whole grain tortillas for a fresh and easy lunch option.

6: Serve up a platter of sliced fruits, nuts, and cheese for a colorful and nutritious brunch-worthy meal.

7: Create a DIY yogurt parfait bar with granola and assorted toppings for a fun and customizable breakfast treat.

8: Bake a batch of banana oatmeal muffins for a delicious and portable snack that's kid-approved.

9: Try making a Mediterranean-style veggie and hummus wrap for a veggie-packed lunchbox idea that's sure to satisfy.