1: The Bicentennial Quarter has exceeded $120 million in value, making it a sought-after collectible.

2: The coin's design, featuring a drummer from the American Revolution, adds to its appeal.

3: Rare versions of the Bicentennial Quarter can fetch high prices at auctions and among collectors.

4: With a limited mintage and increasing demand, the coin's value continues to climb.

5: Investors and numismatists alike are drawn to the Bicentennial Quarter's potential for growth.

6: As a key piece of American numismatic history, the quarter holds both sentimental and financial value.

7: The Bicentennial Quarter's reputation as a valuable and iconic coin continues to grow.

8: With prices soaring past $120 million, collectors are eager to add this coin to their portfolios.

9: The Bicentennial Quarter's significance and rarity make it a standout investment in numismatics.